An Iconic Mark for a Prestigious Real Estate Company

NUSHA is a luxury real estate company in London that specialises in off-market property investments with a high yield. The founder appointed us to create a logo and visual identity, which should be reflective of the luxury service that the company provides to its exclusive clientele. Inspired by geometry, the chosen logo concept combines a wordmark with a symbol which encapsulates an abstract letter ’N’ within a modern architectural shape.

The emblem’s geometric lines can also be interpreted as a gate—a metaphor of a passageway to exclusive investment opportunities—while the diamond shape that crowns it adds prestige to the mark. The colour palette feels corporate yet premium, with a soft shade of golden yellow and a deep navy blue. On the typographic level, the identity is bridging tradition and modernity, thanks to the two typefaces chosen which speak sophistication and heritage. The result is an iconic identity that conveys a feeling of elegance and prestige, giving NUSHA a corporate yet classy personality. The business cards were printed on thick matt premium card stock and paired with gilded gold edges to emphasise the premium look and feel of the identity created.

This is the second time that I have used Munch Studio’s, and I can happily say that both times have been a fantastic experience. I dealt with Giovanna, who was a joy to work with. She was incredibly patient and really took the time to understand my needs in order for her to create my perfect logo. I can say that I am extremely happy with the end product and if I wasn’t (which is unlikely) Giovanna would go out of her way to ensure I was happy with her work. I recommend this company to friends and I would highly encourage the readers of this review to use Munch Studio’s.

Sherene Badaway, Director of NUSHA, London (UK)

NUSHA, London (UK)
Real Estate

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