Munch Studio is an independent boutique design agency specialising in visual identity creation and motion graphic design. We run our design practice as a fully-remote design studio and have put in place a streamlined process that enables us to collaborate with clients worldwide.

Our Story

Founded by Mark Lyston and Giovanna Ruggiero, Munch Studio was born in 2012, fuelled by the founders' shared passion for design and their desire to launch a boutique-style design studio that would challenge conventional agency models.

Our business model is quite unique—at Munch Studio there are no middle people—with each and every project you speak and collaborate directly with the agency owners, which are also the creators of most of the design work. All graphic design and motion graphic work is done in-house and, when required, we reach out to our network of specialists and assemble a team for the specific project at hand. This system gives us vast creative reach and allows us to offer bespoke services which are on par with traditional full-service design firms.

Working with a small group of clients every year enables us to focus on excellence and provide great customer service—and we believe it's the personalised service we offer and the quality work we produce that bring clients back time and again.

Giovanna Ruggiero, Creative Director

The Team

Munch Studio is a team of two design specialists with over fifteen years of combined experience in graphic design and motion graphics, working on projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Visa, Facebook and Expedia.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with clients across a wide spectrum of sectors—including technology, healthcare, food & drink, real estate and finance. For privacy reasons, some of our work produced for agency clients is under NDA. To view our public work, check out our work page.

Today we offer our design services to startups and SMEs—from creating identity systems and style guides to providing branding assets and digital content for the implementation of marketing campaigns and online promotion.

To discuss a project, please head over to our contact page and drop us a line. 

Working with Munch Studio is nothing short of an absolute delight – superb communication and understanding of our needs, beautiful web design work and fast delivery. There is a feeling of genuine investment from them that makes you feel like more than just another customer.

Julie Neumark, Readz.com (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Our Services

We provide a bespoke personalised service and tailor-made design solutions that bring out the essence of your brand and help position your business for success.  Whether you are launching a new business venture or repositioning an existing brand—we’d love to partner with you and make it happen.


First impressions last. If you are starting a new business or launching a new service line—we can help with the development of a distinctive visual identity that captures your brand essence and brings your vision to life.


As an organisation grows, its purpose becomes more lucid. If you are repositioning after a merger, a change in strategy, or just need a refresh of your corporate identity—we can assist you through this exciting process. We can help you craft a visual language that resonates with your target audience and can provide the brand assets you need to send out a consistent message at every touchpoint.


They say you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention when they land on your website, so make them count. We specialise in creating logo animations that you can use in place of your static logo, on your website or embedded in your digital content to make a stronger impression on those who are exposed by your brand mark. Convert your static logo into an eye-catching animated version that captures your brand personality and sets the tone of your digital content.


Video content has become king of every marketing toolkit. We can help to produce engaging digital content—including trailers, explainer videos, social media graphics, promos and corporate profile videos.


We can assist with the creation of brand collateral to support your business activities and marketing efforts—including presentations, print and digital marketing content such as brochures, annual reports, white papers, infographics and other sales material.

Not convinced yet?

Take a look at some of our design work and click here to read about our creative process.