Our Design Process: A Six-Phase Approach to Design Excellence

To ensure that our design aligns with our client’s expectations, we’ve developed a six-phase process that we follow when we approach a design assignment. The six project phases are Discovery, Research and Idea Generation, Preliminary Concepts, Design and Implementation, Delivery and Evaluation. Each phase of our design process will usually include a PDF output for the client to sign-off before we continue on to the next phase.

Following the Research and Idea generation phase, we usually develop a concept deck. The presentation content will vary depending on the project, but generally has the creative direction, rationale, and the proposed design solution. The number of design options we share with the client depends on the type of project and budget. Design options take very different directions and, we explore and discard several different creative approaches before delivering up to three design concepts for evaluation. The concept deck includes visualisations of the possible applications, to help the client imagine how the work will look after implementation.

After the first presentation, we expect to refine and develop one of the proposed design options. Throughout this process, we work closely with the client and go through iterations of the chosen concept, usually 2-3 rounds of refinements, until we finalise the designs.

With the design materials finalised, we start the process of developing the final deliverables outlined in the project offer. The work we complete often results in the provision of a style guide, whether for the visual identity system or the creation of brand assets to support the client’s digital marketing and social media activities.

After the assignment is complete, we follow up with the client to assess the outcome of the project. At the end of a branding assignment, we would normally offer our clients the possibility to check with us when they’re unsure about implementation. Other times we continue as the client’s design team on a monthly retainer and offer ongoing creative support.

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