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Why Animated Logos Are Rocking the Digital Scene

Your logo is one of the essential visual expression of your brand—it makes your business recognisable and appears on all your brand touchpoints.

In today’s marketplace, the static version of your logo that once existed as the only identifier of your brand can no longer stand on its own. It needs to be supported by an eye-catching moving version of your logomark that can be used on your online channels to set the tone of your digital content.

In this post, we’ll explore the role of the animated logo and how it can be used to convey your brand’s personality and create a stronger impression in the minds of your prospects.

Animated logos create unique, lasting impressions.

An animated logo is a powerful asset of your visual identity system because it creates instant brand recognition.

Motion designers can turn static logos into unique expressions that make your brand come to life. Your logo is set in motion, and graphics are combined with visual effects, sound, and colour to create an eye-catching brand mark that engages all senses to triggers a more powerful emotion.

Animated logo marks reinforce your brand image—they can encapsulate the essence of your business, improve brand awareness, and help you establish a stronger connection with your audience.

Many Applications. A one-time investment.

Your animated logo can be used on a variety of digital brand touchpoints and for as long as your branding stays the same, making it a one-time investment.

Also known as a logo reveal, you can use an animated version of your logo on your website, in place of the static logo, or embedded in your digital content to make a stronger impression on those who are exposed by your brand mark. You can also incorporate your animated logo in videos, lower thirds, or use them at a pitch presentation, a product demonstration or a business meeting.

Final Thoughts.

We’ll finish this post with some examples of animated logos we created for our clients.

Set your logo in motion and delight your audience

Let us capture your brand personality into an eye-catching animated logo that will set the tone of your digital content.